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List of Interactive Permit Holders

Permit Holders

Presently, the Commission issues four types of licenses under its Regulations concerning Interactive Gaming:

  1. Interactive Gaming Licence (“IGL”):  Issued to an approved hosting facility in Kahnawake.  Only one IGL may only be issued at any given time.  Since 1999, Mohawk Internet Technologies has held the sole IGL issued by the Commission.

  2. Client Provider Authorization (“CPA”):  Issued to approved entities that want to provide interactive gaming services from the hosting facility in Kahnawake.  The holder of a valid CPA is called an Authorized Client Provider (“ACP”).  There is no limit on the number of CPA’s that may be issued by the Commission.  An ACP must be hosted at the hosting facility that holds the IGL and is entitled of offer any type of interactive gaming:  eg. casino, poker and/or sportsbook.

  3. Inter-Jurisdictional Authorization (“IJA”): Issued to an entity that holds a valid interactive gaming licence issued by another jurisdiction (the “primary jurisdiction”) and that wants to locate some or all of its equipment and personnel within the Mohawk Territory of Kahnawake.  The primary jurisdiction is responsible for regulating the operations of an IJA holder – the Commission does not duplicate the primary jurisdiction’s continuous compliance requirements.

  4. Key Person Licence (“KPL”):  Issued to at least one person who performs managerial or operational functions for the entity that holds a CPA.  The Commission considers the information contained in KPL’s to be confidential.

  5. Casino Software Provider Authorization (“CSPA”):  the holder of a valid CSPA is entitled to locate and operate interactive gaming equipment at the colocation facility that is owned and operated by the holder of a valid Interactive Gaming Licence; and license casino software to a third party online gaming operator for the use on the third party online gaming operator’s website but is not entitled to offer interactive games directly to players.