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Kahnawake Gaming Commission

Authorized Client Providers List (BY URL)

The following list of Operators and their URL's have been certified by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission. Updated May 23, 2019.

edict Malta Limited

TLF Global Limited https://atlanticade.thelottofactory.com
TLF Global Limited https://frederictonredwings.thelottofactory.com
TLF Global Limited https://frederictonsunriserotary.thelottofactory.com
TLF Global Limited https://isleofmanrotary.thelottofactory.com
TLF Global Limited https://loveafair.canadian-fairs.ca
TLF Global Limited https://nbex.thelottofactory.com
TLF Global Limited https://redbombersfootball.thelottofactory.com
TLF Global Limited https://rmp.thelottofactory.com
TLF Global Limited https://strangersinthenight.thelottofactory.com
TLF Global Limited https://thelottofactoryglobal.com
TLF Global Limited https://unbironmanrugby.thelottofactory.com
Paxson Marketing Ltd. www.apolloslots.com
Fresh Horizons Ltd. www.aztecrichescasino.eu
Fresh Horizons Ltd. www.blackjackballroom.eu
Baytree Limited www.cabaretclub.ca
Baytree Limited www.cabaretclub.com
Abenaki Council of Wolinak www.canplaycasino.com
Fresh Horizons Ltd. www.captaincookscasino.eu
Greenpot Services Limited www.caribbean888.com
Fresh Horizons Ltd. www.casinoaction.com
Fresh Horizons Ltd. www.casino-classic.eu
Baytree Limited www.casinoepoca.com
Fresh Horizons Ltd. www.casinokingdom.eu
Fresh Horizons Ltd. www.casinoshare.eu
Fresh Horizons Ltd. www.challengecasino.com
Fresh Horizons Ltd. www.colosseumcasino.com
Baytree Limited www.coolhandpoker.com
Greenpot Services Limited www.cruise888.com
Baytree Limited www.gamingclub.com
Baytree Limited www.gigglebingo.com
GLB GMBH www.goalbet.ca
Fresh Horizons Ltd. www.goldenreefcasino.com
Top Tech Media Limited www.goldfishka.com
Fresh Horizons Ltd. www.grandhotelcasino.com
Fresh Horizons Ltd. www.grandmondial.eu
Fresh Horizons Ltd. www.gtcasino.com
Kanataplay Limited www.hellobingo.com
Paxson Marketing Ltd. www.jackpotcash.com
Baytree Limited www.jackpotcitycasino.ca
Baytree Limited www.jackpotcitycasino.com
Royal Wins Pty Ltd www.kashkarnival.com.au
Baytree Limited www.kingneptunescasino.eu
Leon International Limited www.leon.bet
Leon International Limited www.leonbets.com
Leon International Limited www.leonbets.net
TLF Global Limited www.lottery.loveyourlungs.ca
Broadway Gaming International Limited www.lucky247.com
Fresh Horizons Ltd. www.luckyemperorcasino.com
Baytree Limited www.luckynuggetcasino.ca
Baytree Limited www.luckynuggetcasino.com
Fresh Horizons Ltd. www.luxurycasino.com
Kanataplay Limited www.monkeydogbingo.com
Baytree Limited www.mummysgold.com
Fresh Horizons Ltd. www.musichallcasino.eu
Kanataplay Limited www.n2nnetwork.com
Top Tech Media Limited www.norocasino.com
Fresh Horizons Ltd. www.nostalgiacasino.com
Global System Technologies Inc. www.paizacasino.com
Top Tech Media Limited www.pankasyno.com
Fresh Horizons Ltd. www.phoeniciancasino.eu
Fresh Horizons Ltd. www.playerspalacecasino.eu
Abenaki Council of Wolinak www.playvipcasino.net
Fresh Horizons Ltd. www.quatrocasino.com
Fresh Horizons Ltd. www.richreels.com
Baytree Limited www.riverbellecasino.ca
Baytree Limited www.riverbellecasino.com
Baytree Limited www.rubyfortune.ca
Baytree Limited www.rubyfortune.com
Paxson Marketing Ltd. www.silversandscasino.com
Paxson Marketing Ltd. www.silversandspoker.com
TLF Global Limited www.specialolympicsnb5050.ca
Baytree Limited www.spincasino.com
Baytree Limited www.spinpalace.ca
Baytree Limited www.spinpalace.ca
Baytree Limited www.spinpalace.com
Baytree Limited www.spinpalacesport.com
Mohawk Online Limited www.sportsinteraction.com
Fresh Horizons Ltd. www.strikeitluckycasino.com
Fresh Horizons Ltd. www.ukcasinoclub.eu
Top Tech Media Limited www.vegas-avtomati.com
Fresh Horizons Ltd. www.vegascountrycasino.com
Fresh Horizons Ltd. www.vegasslotcasino.com
Kanataplay Limited www.victorygamez.com
Fresh Horizons Ltd. www.villento.com
Abenaki Council of Wolinak www.vipcasino.ca
Fresh Horizons Ltd. www.virtualcitycasino.eu
Paxson Marketing Ltd. www.whitelotuscasino.com
Greenpot Services Limited www.wildjunglecasino.com
TLF Global Limited www.winwin.mikinduri.com
GAC Group Limited www.world-5050.com
Fresh Horizons Ltd. www.yukongoldcasino.eu
Fresh Horizons Ltd. www.zodiaccasino.com
Broadport Systems Limited
Digamma Limited
PCG Software Services Limited
PT Network Management Limited