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Player Self-Exclusion: Land Based Gaming

Players who have acknowledged that their gaming activities have become a problem and who wish to exclude themselves from participating in further gaming activities at all poker rooms that are licensed and regulated by the Commission may do by submitting a Comprehensive Self-Exclusion Request Form directly to the management of a land-based Poker Room or to the Commission.

Please ensure that you read the Form carefully.  You will also be required to submit a recent photograph and photocopies of two (2) forms of government-issued identification with your Form. 

After verifying your request and identity, the Commission will take all necessary steps to have you excluded from all gaming activities at all land-based poker rooms that are licensed and regulated by the Commission.

If any land-based poker room allows you to access the gaming area of a land-based poker room AFTER the effective date and time of your Comprehensive Self-Exclusion Request, please notify the Commission immediately.

Revoking Your Self-Exclusion

Players who wish to revoke a Player Self-Exclusion Directive and be permitted to participate in gaming activities at Kahnawake Poker Rooms, may submit a Request to Revoke.   
Please note the Commission will not accept or consider a Request to Revoke that is received less than six (6) months from the date and time a Player Self-Exclusion Directive was issued.

If you have any questions or need any other information about the Commission’s player self-exclusion processes for land-based Poker Rooms, please contact us at: exclusion@gamingcommission.ca     

Disclaimer:  The Commission will use its best efforts to ensure any Comprehensive Self-Exclusion Request is affected as quickly as possible.  However, the Commission, its members, employees, advisors, agents and governing body are not responsible for any damages or losses that a player, and any associated person, may sustain as a result of, or related to, the player’s gaming activities, both before and after the effective date and time of a Comprehensive Self-Exclusion Request.  


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